ColdFusin 9 + AIR Session @ MAX

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Rakshith of Adobe sent me a note about the updated session description for his class at MAX: ColdFusion Powered AIR

While I think most of us have a good appreciation for how ColdFusion can serve the data/server side needs of an AIR application, I'm very curious to see what Adobe has planned on top of this. From Rakshith's blog entry:

What is it going to be?

One of the feature in Centaur will ease building offline applications in AIR.

Sounds intriguing!

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Comment 1 by Tom Chiverton posted on 11/5/2008 at 3:35 PM

I think we saw last year a demo of dragging a cfgrid to the desktop, and (I guess) it converting to an AIR application wired to the same CFC.