I'm currently fighting (ok, not fighting - debugging - it just feels like a fight) an issue with a ColdFusion 9 site that makes heavy use of ORM. I thought it might help to take a look at the Hibernate config files generated, so I added this to my ormSettings structure in Application.cfc:

<cfset this.ormsettings = { dbcreate="update", logsql="true", eventhandling="true", savemapping="true" }>

I reloaded my application and confirmed that in every folder containing my entity CFCs there was now a file named cfcname.hbmxml, where cfcname matched the name of the CFC.

Ok, so far so good. Back in ColdFusion Builder I refreshed my project so I could see the files. But since the extension wasn't recognized, CFB didn't know how to handle it. I had previously opened up HBMXML files with TextMate, so CFB recognized that and sent all requests for such files to TextMate. I wanted to see them within CFB instead so this is what I did. (And to be clear, this should work for any Eclipse product, not just CFB.)

I opened up my Preferences and went to General/Editors/File Associations.

Click add and specify *.hbmxml for the file type.

Lastly - click Add under Associated editors. Select CF Builder XML Editor.

Hit Ok to dismiss the preferences panel and you are done.