As the conference goes on - I thought I'd start a thread on what is public knowledge about Scorpio. Please add to this list with your comments, and I'll cut and paste into the main entry. (So thanks in advanced.) I will also flesh out the facts so if you see something covered but want to add detail, again, just write a comment.

Edited October 30, 2006: Added notes from CFUNITED 06. Also remember that this list is NOT a promise from Adobe. Things may change...

  • Image processing
    • Supposedly has lots and lots and lots of image manipulation functions.
  • Server Monitoring
  • .Net Integration
  • CFPDFFORM. This lets you populate PDF forms from CF data, as well as extracting PDF form data.
  • CFPRESENTATION. You can now create Breeze presentations from ColdFusion. Demonstrated a Breeze presentation that included flash charts, where the data was being populated via ColdFusion.