Someone explain this to me. Being the incredibly ego-centric guy I am, I routinely check the Subscribers list for my blog so I can see how many people are signed up. When the number goes higher, I smile and do my Mr. Burns laugh. When it goes down, I shed a few tears.

Anyway - what really confuses me is something I noticed when perusing the list. I actually have spammers on my list. In other words, some idiot degenerate spammer actually signed up to get my blog entries. Maybe they thought it was some sort of listserv where they could then send email to others. But for whatever reason, my subscriber list tends to have 3-5 spammers signed up. I don't normally bother to remove them (unless they are on the first page of subscribers), but I just can't believe they would sign up to get my blog posts.

On a related note - I can say that I've had some success in blocking spam comments lately. I think I had about 10 entries blocked last week. While I'm getting a few false positives, it's nice to see the system working well. BlogCFC doesn't actually inform you of blocked spams, but I might add that as an "official" feature (and not just a mod here).