Hello friends. This week has been absolute hell as I've been sick since Wednesday. I'm on the mend, but it's taking its sweet ole time moving out of my system. I feel like I can barely put two words together but I somehow managed to do some work, give and record a presentation, and... I think that's it actually. On a happier note, it's my wife's birthday and she's awesome, so that makes the day pretty dang good. Let's get on with the links!

Huge list of deep debugging tricks #

This came out a little while ago but I never got around to sharing it. The list of 67 debugging tricks is a fascinating collection of browser debugging tips. I thought I had a pretty good understanding of all the ways you could debug with devtools but wow, this post really blew my mind. Credit for this collection goes to Alan Norbaur.

Introduction to Text Embeddings #

Anyone looking at, or curious about GenAI, has heard about text embeddings. It's a fairly complex topic, and "An intuitive introduction to text embeddings" does a good job of trying to make it simpler. I'll be honest, I understood, kinda, about half of what was discussed, but it was definitely worth my time and at least helped improve my understanding.

The End of Jamstack #

Or is it? Zach Leatherman shares his thoughts in "The Tension and Future of Jamstack". There's definitely been a shift in the community over the past few months and with Netlify seemingly moving on from the term... I kinda don't care. I view my tools, Eleventy, static sites in general, to be a powerful approach that's not going away anytime soon. It was never a golden bullet for all situations, but I continue to think "static first" before thinking about a full-on app server.

Related to this, the CloudCannon folks are doing a great set of interviews that included yours truly: