This is just a reminder to folks out there who may not know it. Hal Helms, noted ColdFusion author and trainer, has an excellent newsletter that I highly recommend. The most recent newsletter (actually the last few) have been extremely interesting to those who are just beginning to enter into the object oriented world. Hal does an excellent job at taking confusing, sometimes seemingly contradictory concepts and explaining them in a way that is easily understandable.

I'd like to quote something from his recent newsletter: Let me say one more word about this, because I see too often a type of paralysis that afflicts people coming into the OO world. The affliction occurs because people are worried that they'll violate some stricture. Maybe they'll accidentally unencapsulate polymorphic cohesions. Or something. But the only way to get good at stuff is to do it.

I can't ditto this enough. I can say as a long time developer - I've experienced this paralysis many times - even more so now that we have CFCs in our toolbox. Everytime I find myself going into a "What if" spiral - I simply stop thinking about it and code. Many times I end up ripping my code apart - but getting that first draft down is an excellent way to help clear your mind. This is what I did when developing Soundings, my survey application for the last DRK.