Two Presentations Next Week

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Sorry I've been quiet this week. I actually have a few Spry posts in mind, but I'm out of town all week doing training (Model-Glue, Spry, all kind of fun stuff). Next week I have two presentations:

  1. First - On Wednesday the 17th I'll be doing my CFJUG Breeze presentation on security topics. This is at 6PM Central, the "Cool" timezone as I call it. (I'm in EST right now and just can't get used to it. ;)

  2. Secondly - on Thursday the 18th I'll be doing a presentation on Model-Glue to the Scottish CFUG. I believe they promised to FTP me some good Scottish beer, so I'm looking forward to it. That presentation is at 8 GMT which is something else CST. The URL will be

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