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My readers know by now that I'm trully smitten by Model-Glue, so I try to push/evangelize it whenever I can. I thought I'd share some MG code to see if it would help others. The ColdFusion Cookbook site is a MG site and I've attached the source to this entry.

Now - I don't want you to think I'm being humble - but please remember that I'm still a newbie at MG. This is only my second MG site, and it was written very quickly since I wanted to launch the cookbook site as fast as possible. This code example is not best practices. I think I still have a lot to learn about MG. But my hope is that this code will give others some more examples from which to learn MG. (And hey - Joe, Doug, Sean, feel free to rip me a new one on my comments. I want to learn as well! :)

p.s. I forgot to mention. This is the complete source code except for the removal of the serial code for the Captcha component, and I removed my admin authentication code.

Download attached file.

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