Major updates to Blog.cfc today:

  1. There was a bug where I hard coded a DSN in one of the methods. Thanks to Rob Brooks-Bilson.

  2. generateRSS() now takes 3 arguments:

mode=short/long - default is short. If short, we send only an excerpt of each item. If long, the full item is returned.

excerpt - default is 250. If mode=short, this sets the number of characters to return.

params - This allows you to filter the entries returned in the RSS feed. This allows you to create an RSS field with a specific category. I actually forgot to update my client to modify the XML feed based on the category, so it's not implemented on the web site here, but it is working in the CFC itself.

To get the full list of articles from my RSS field, modify the default URL to add ?mode=full. If people think it's necessary, I'll add another link in the right hand column to make it obvious.