Sorry for the lack of posting lately. After flying to Boston last week, I caught a nasty cold that is taking it's time getting out of me. With a busy work schedule and writing on two books, I'm basically the walking dead right now. Now for some completely random notes:

  1. You may remember my post a few weeks back with the transforming car. I guess Transformers are the rage now. Check out this commercial. I'm thinking of picking up a few of the classic Transformer toys to go along with the Stormtroopers I have on my desk. :)

  2. Call of Duty
    This is, without a doubt, the best shooter I've ever played. It is far more intense, and fun, then Doom 3. Doom 3 may be "shinier", but CoD just seems inifitely more realistic. Some of the levels are incredibly intense, while some, like the levels where you are the gunner in a truck, seem ripped right out of an Indiana Jones adventure. For those who don't know, CoD is a first person shooter based in World War II. You take place in various battles in various types of terrain. This game is now almost two years old, but is well worth your money.

  3. Battlestar Galactica
    So, I was very impressed by the miniseries last year, and I'm even more impressed by the TV series. It is only available in England right now (ahem), but I recommend taking a look if you can (-cough- bittorrent -cough-).

As a side note - how many years will it be before TV and Movie studios actually learn something? I'd happily pay a buck or two to watch an episode of BSG right now, even with the commercials in tact. The only good use of this I've seen so far is the Young and the Restless show. You can get an episode for... I believe two dollars, and can subscribe to get every episode. Not that I'm addicted to a soap opera. I swear. But the point is, if you broadcast TV shows over the airwaves for free right now, why not let folks watch em on their PC? You can make it so that no one can download a show till it broadcasts on the West coast, and you can still include commercials. Shoot, you could probably resell the ad space since it is a different medium. Sure folks may still fast forward, but they do that now. Sure folks may remove the commercials and place them online, but they do that now.

I can promise you that if I could download BSG, or any TV show, from the studio itself, I won't mind the commercials. It means I.. err, sorry, people I know, won't have to hunt for the Bittorrent and hope the quality is ok. I'm more than willing to trade quality and ease of use in return for watching commercials. I'm sure others are as well.

Rant mode is now off.