I'm a lot of things. A father. A geek. A slightly (yeah right) overweight out of shape frumpy dude. I also code ColdFusion. What I don't do well is IT work. As folks know, the CFCDev listserv was down the last two weeks. The fine folks at Katapult Media purchased us a new mail server, but I didn't have a chance to set it up till early this morning.

And of course it went horribly wrong. Folks reported getting hundreds of emails, but what was odd is that neither Rob nor myself could confirm it.

So, Rob did some digging. I checked the mail spool and confirmed it was a bit large, and I nuked that. We did some testing (thanks Scott, CJ, JW, Charlie, etc), and we think it's ok now. Rob did the work to get the new list up, and changed the instructions for the new mail server.

The upshot is - the list is back up. Obviously we are a bit... "concerned" and will monitor it. If you are easily scared by email, first, relax, secondly, maybe consider not subscribing just quite yet. We do think it's ok now. Really.

Note: Old subscribers will NOT be on the new list. Rob wrote a quick CF file to send email to everyone, but you will need to resign up. Instructions on how to sign are up here.

Oh - and there is a digest mode now! Information on how to use that mode will be up soon.