I know - it sounds like some Disney show. Let me start with the icky stuff first so I can at least end on a happy note. If you remember, I've been fighting Mini Corp to try to get a refund on what I consider to be a lemon. While I was in Detroit I got a call back from Mini Corp. (In my last entry I believe I mentioned that they called me and were "investigating". My contact at Mini, who was very polite, said that they would absolutely not consider giving me a refund. In their mind, the repairs had been made and that was that.

So - while I was in Detroit, my wife contacted a lawyer. They had some issues getting mail out, but supposedly I will be getting a packet of forms to fill out.

On Monday, Brian Harris, the shop in Baton Rouge where I got the Mini, called to say the car was done. What is interesting is that earlier in the day, I got a form letter from Mini talking about how my car had a bad battery. The kind of form letter you normally get in recall type situations. So it wasn't that I wasn't driving the car enough or "bad gas". The only problem is - they had already replaced the battery. That was done on the 3rd service trip. The trip where the car returned and worked for 24 hours before breaking down again.

So now I'm just sick about it. I look at the car and my stomach just twists. If I could just sell it, I'd at least get some money back and get it out of my life, but I'm not sure how I feel selling it. On one hand, Mini says the car is fine. On the other hand, I feel like the car is cursed.

So - to kind of wrap this up on a good note. I convinced my wife to go Mac. I ordered her a Macbook today. I got the very low end white one since all she does is use Firefox and Thunderbird. I really feel sorry for her. Her old laptop was so bad that the battery wouldn't work, and she has to hold the plugin for the AC power to even flow into the machine. Oh - and she is missing a few keys as well.

I also ordered another gig of RAM. I absolutely love how well Parallels work, but it's a dog to start up, and I'm definitely using the Mac enough where 2 gigs makes sense.

Today was a bit intense for me blog wise. I don't think I've written this many posts in one day ever, but hey, I figure I'm a bit too quiet in real life, so I can be verbose here.