So, for years now I've been visiting Ain't It Cool News - a web site dedicated to movie news (as well as TV and comics). It's a great site - full of useful information - but it is absolutely, 100%, unreliable. 9 out of 10 times the server does not respond, or will only serve up the home page and nothing more.

As a web developer, this bothers me to no end, especially since this has been going on for years.

I am sure he gets quite a bit of traffic - but there are multiple solutions to traffic. Sure, some cost money, but you can't tell me he isn't earning quite a bit of money from advertising - money that is probably being restricted by the poor performance of his site.

Ok, so I'm not sure why this bothers me so much. Maybe it's just that I'm spoiled. Maybe it's that I hate seeing a cool article title on the home page that I can't view. Shoot, I'd be more than willing to give the owner technical assistence (I even emailed him telling him so).

So - I've decided to go cold turkey and simply stop visiting his site. Can anyone recommend a good movie/tv/comic news site? I don't mind multiple sites... as long as they are reliable.