This is the second question I've gotten like this, so I thought I'd take the time to answer it:

Ray, With all of the projects that you maintain, I am interested in hearing about how you manage to keep everything straight. What tools and processes to you use on a daily basis that might help others? How much sharing of code to you do between projects? Thanks, Scott

First off, the number one thing I have to be clear about is my memory is crap. Worse than crap. If you rated my brain as RAM, it would be equivalent to my old Apple IIe before I increased it to 128K. I do not do a great job of managing my open source projects. More than once someone will mention a bug that will get forgotten. So what do I try to do as much as possible? Use a bug tracker. Obviously I use Lighthouse Pro, but you can use any issue tracker. I think this is the number one tool you can have for your project. Don't think of this just as a "bug" tracker. A good issue tracker will help you with new ideas, suggestions, or even reminders for documentation updates. Basically - don't trust your memory, or a collection of email. Find a good issue manager to help manage your project. Can my readers recommend which tools they use? (Although if you aren't using Lighthouse Pro, what's wrong with you??? ;)

As for sharing code - I try as much as possible. Typically the code that works between projects are the most generic of functions, and typically they come from I probably do not consilidate as much as possible.