Thanks to two cool finds by Critter, I've got an important update to Harlan ColdFusion Ad Server. The updates are as follows:

  • The SQL Server file was updated - and I forgot to paste back in the INSERTs to put the default user in. Oops. Kinda makes it hard to logon with no user.
  • Big one here - Harlan spits out JavaScript that, in theory, will work on any other host. But the links I generated were relative links, not full links. That is fixed.

As always, you can download Harlan from the project page. Critter found these bugs, but he says you should go visit my wishlist. I tried to convince him otherwise, but he wouldn't let me. (Sigh) Just kidding - again - thanks go to Critter for finding the issues.

Today's build brought to you by the drum and base stylings of Pendulum. Played too loud. In the future they will have robotic ears so it won't matter.

Edited: Critter found another host related issue - this time in the image url. The zip has been updated.