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CFBL, or ColdFusion's Biggest Loser, is how I'll preface my entries on the topics so those of you who are skinny jerksnot participating can ignore. After my post yesterday, I was really surprised by the turnout. 21 people sent me their stats! That's a great pool size. We also got another prize to give away - Rick Osborne has said he will give away a Nike+ chip for the iPod Nano. From what I know, that is a very cool tool to help exercisers.

Now for the grim stats. While this is a bit scary, it is also something that can only get better. Our 21 people have a grand total of 4806 pounds. That's 2.5 tons. That's a whole lot of ColdFusion lovin'. The average weight is 228.86 pounds, which puts me over the average but also gives me some nice extra incentive.

I'll update again next Tuesday after I've compiled the stats.

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