Just a quick note that I spent some time at lunch looking at my CFYahoo package. Now that Yahoo has put the ColdFusion Dev Center back up, I knew that I'd need to look at my CFCs. I created a backup of the current CFC package and took a look specifically at search support. It had changed quite a bit so I rewrote the CFC. Luckily Yahoo's APIs are still stupid-easy to use so this wasn't a big deal. I've decided to go ahead and update the release with new code for: Search and Weather. The other services will be upgraded over time. The package now requires ColdFusion 8. Just in case folks are curious - this is how easy it is to use the API:

<cfset searchAPI = createObject("component", "org.camden.yahoo.search")>

<cfinvoke component="#searchAPI#" method="search" returnVariable="result"> <cfinvokeargument name="query" value="coldfusion blog"> </cfinvoke>

<cfdump var="#result#" label="Search for 'coldfusion blog'">

The result is a nice query you can use like any other ColdFusion query.

And here is a weather example:

<cfset weatherAPI = createObject("component", "org.camden.yahoo.weather")> <cfinvoke component="#weatherAPI#" method="getForecast" returnVariable="result"> <cfinvokeargument name="location" value="70508"> <cfinvokeargument name="units" value="F"> </cfinvoke>

<cfdump var="#result#" label="Forecast for Lafayette, LA">

And the result: