I see a few common question asked about my applications almost every week, so I thought I'd write a quick post to answer them.

  1. The SES URLs aren't working:
    Nine times out of ten this can be answered at this URL:


Although earlier this week the issue came about because a user had used an incorrect setting for "blogURL" in BlogCFC. The docs say (although probably not clearly enough) that the URL must include "index.cfm". If you forget this, it will cause problems.

  1. MySQL isn't working right:
    Nine times out of ten this is due to using ColdFusion's built-in driver for MySQL instead of the custom one. Steve Erat has an excellent article on how to set this up here. My docs almost never mention that - sorry. I added it to the Soundings docs in the release last night.

In case you are wondering - I am not yet testing on MySQL 5, but hope to be soon.

By the way - I'm not complaining - keep the questions coming - but I thought this might help.