Lots of stuff was released over the day today:

  • SpoolMail - Updated with cool UI improvements from Andrew Penhorwood. He sent this weeks ago. I've been busy. Mea Culpa. I also added support to view attachments in mail. You can even download the attachments directly from SpoolMail. This is cool if you are generating files on the fly (perhaps with ColdFusion 8's new CFZIP tag). Also tested and works fine in ColdFusion 8.
  • ColdFire - Remember ColdFire? Yeah - I kinda let it get a bit rusty. I think the last update was in April. Nathan Mische sent in a major update that fixes a lot of issues, adds some formatting, etc. Again - I was too busy to release. Now it is out. This also works fine in ColdFusion 8.
  • CFUPS - This is just a minor update to the Time in Transit code.
  • BlogCFC hasn't been updated, but I'll probably do an update late tonight. A gracious reader sent me the Matrix trilogy in HD, so I'm think it may be a late night. This is a minor update. And yes - I am doing a lot of thinking on BlogCFC 6. I need to update the wiki with the latest updates.

Enjoy. And let me be clear: I have 6 chapters due for CFWACK before the end of the month. I also have an article due for FAQU. I also have CFUNITED next week. No one - and I repeat no one - will find any bugs between now and July 5th. Thanks! ;)

Oh, and today's releases were brought to you by Finetune Desktop and the word, "Fetch".