Today, Adobe and O'Reilly launched InsideRIA. What is it? I'm going to steal from Rich Tretola's excellent introduction: is an online community developed by O'Reilly and sponsored by Adobe Systems Incorporated. Our goal is to create an invaluable resource for information on the ever-changing state of design and development of rich Internet applications (RIAs).

If you scroll down a bit on Rich's entry, you will see that I'm a member of this new blog. This is my first "blog job", so I'm pretty darn proud (and a bit scared!) to be honored by ORA. As I've said before, I'm still finding way into the RIA world. With so many years behind me as a server side developer, I feel like a new world has opened for me. I hardly consider myself an expert, but I hope that my blog posts in the past, and those I will write in the future, will help others.

Of course, this will not impact my blogging here (and if it does, let me know). My plan is to move my Ajax/RIA articles to InsideRIA, with a focus on learning jQuery starting next week.

My first post on the site is a simple introduction.