So I'm safely back from the Frameworks Conference and I thought I'd share a few final thoughts.

This was my first time attending the conference, but it was as well put together as any other Teratech conference. The facility, which is the same one used for the past few CFUNITED conferences, is wonderful. You can get to your hotel room from the conference, and back again, in about 5 minutes. I think at MAX it was more like 30. ;) The session rooms were nice and well set up. While I had one problem with an AV guy talking on his cell phone, in general the support folks were good. And of course the Teratech guys, bravely led by Liz Frederick, did a great job. I will ditto Sean's note about the food. While obviously not the most important aspect of a conference, the food really was well done. The web site mentioned that only lunch was provided, but breakfast food was there as well.

Ok - so outside of facilities and food, how was the content itself? Amazing. I think folks could tell from my blog reviews that I really felt like I learned a lot. I don't want to sound like I know everything (trust me, I don't), but at most conferences I don't attend many of the sessions outside of the ones I'm presenting. At this one I attended a session in almost every slot, and even when I didn't always agree with the content (Sorry Steve!), I was challenged at every opportunity to rethink my approach to ColdFusion development.

I'll put it like this: More of you need to attend this conference. I know budget is a problem for folks. But right now I'd say this is my favorite conference out there. If I had to pick two conferences to attend, I'd easily say CFUNITED and the Frameworks conference. (I want to point out though that CF Objective gets very good reviews as well. I just haven't attended it yet so I can't comment on it. :)