Friday Puzzle - Welcome to Santa's IT Department

For today's puzzler you find yourself newly employed in Santa's Workshop. While Santa is quite magical, full of joy, blah blah blah, his IT skills leave a bit to be desired. In fact, his current IT department currently consists of one elf who wants to be a dentist and some large furry creature.

Your first task is simple. Santa maintains a list of kids who are naughty and nice. He used to keep this list on a scroll of parchment but after recently upgrading to Windows 95 (hey, he takes his time with changes!) Santa began using Notepad.

Unfortunately - Notepad isn't a very nice database and this has led to some problems. Duplicate names and kids on two lists.

Write a simple function to read in two text files (good.txt and naughty.txt). Compare the files and remove any child on both lists and add them to a new file, tobedecided.txt. Also remove any child who appears more than once in a list.

Good luck - Santa is counting on you!

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