Did you know the source behind ColdFusion Bloggers is open source? It isn't my ... "best" code. It's got some bad practices in it. But it's now been deployed in multiple locations, including FlexBloggers.org, AndroidGator.com, and WarcraftBloggers.com. It's also behind my new web site that's jQuery related that I'm not quite ready to announce yet. (But you can hit it right now if you spend half an IQ point to guess the URL.) My buddy Scott Stroz did a bit of code cleanup on the package today and made it even easier to deploy. Now things like the title, Twitter integration, etc, are configurable. It's still not what I'd consider great code. There's some bad repetition in the ping/scheduled process area. But hey - it's free, so enjoy:


Edited March 22, 2011: You can now find the code up on Github: https://github.com/cfjedimaster/ColdFusion-Blog-Aggregator

The code is free to use by anyone. I just ask that you visit the wishlist if you use it. (Scott has one too!)