Since I know people are just so interested, I thought I'd share the good news. As I mentioned a few days ago, MS's service department fixed and shipped the XBox within one day of getting it. It arrived in Lafayette on the 6th and then entered the twilight zone. It didn't arrive at my house on the 7th. On the 8th I called and was told it was on the truck. On the 9th I called and was told it was on the truck. Then last night I saw the truck drive by. I called UPS again and was promised I'd get a call back - which never came. I knew that UPS over here wouldn't deliver on Saturday, but I called anyway. I was told that the hurricane was to blame. (How long am I going to hear that?) Then after going to Walmart, I came back and the package was there!

So - my game saves were not preserved, but that's ok. I've already got my X-Men Legends game about 60% of the way back, and man is it fun even going ober the portions I've already played. (And some nice soul bought me part 2 from my wish list!)

So now everyone can rest safe.

Oh - and when I'm not playing XBox, I do actually do some work as well. A user found a bug with offsets in BlogCFC. I've confirmed it and fixed it locally. I'm not just waiting for a submission to come for Icecase (or somesuch) support, and then I'll release a new version.