I just got out of seeing Green Lantern with my boys. (My eldest loved it. Said it was the best film he had seen all year.) I have to say - despite all the negative reviews I heard - I really enjoyed it. It was early in the film when I figured out exactly why. Movies like Iron Man and Thor - and I assume Captain America to come - are all "Films based on Comics." That's great. But Green Lantern felt like a "Comic Book Movie." When you spend the first five minutes or so deep into cosmology and aliens you're in an entirely different world than what you get with Iron Man. Shoot, even with Asgard in Thor, Green Lantern just felt a lot more 'comicy'. (Yes, I'm creating that word. I own it and will be charging royalties.) Green Lantern is far from perfect. A lot of the romance felt like - well - comic book romance. It also spends a surprisingly large amount of time away from the main character. That being said, I really enjoyed it. I was never a Green Lantern reader so I can't comment on how well it pays homage to the comic. I can say I'm considering picking up the comic - especially with DC about to reset everything in a month or so.

So - what did folks think? (And please - try to keep it spoiler free!)