Ready2Run Open BlueDragon and Web Services

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I was testing some simple web services code and needed to try it under Open BlueDragon. I was very happy to see a 'Ready2Run' install option. I downloaded, unzipped, and entered one command in Terminal and I was up and running. However, I ran into an error when I tried to run code that made a web service request.

Unrecognized error code: Failed to compile web service generated client classes for The compiler error messages follow: /Applications/jetty-openbd/webroot_cfmlapps/cfmlWebContext_1/WEB-INF/lib/webservices.jar does not exist and is needed to compile web service type.

I searched and I found a few other people with the same problem, but I didn't find any solutions. (I probably gave up too quickly.) I did a quick tweet for help and got some good feedback. The solution is to create a folder under webroot_cfmlapps/cfmlWebContext_1 named WEB-INF. Then make another folder under WEB-INF called libs. I then copied JARs from jetty-openbd/lib/openbd. I copied: jaxrpc.jar, saaj.jar, webservices.jar, and wsdl4.jar. (Basically I copied one jar at a time until the errors went away.)

Anyway, thanks atomi and Joshua Leone for the help!

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