I've released an update to Lighthouse Pro today. There are two main changes in this application, both of which were suggested from Dan Sorensen.

The first is the addition of announcements. Announcements are a simple way to tie things to a project like, due dates, or meeting reminders. So for example, you could add an announcement to a project reminding folks that the launch day is Saturday and the bugs need to be fixed. Thanks Dan for the idea!

The second idea was a design change to the LHP home page. When you logon, you will see a little box that shows your current open bugs. This is a handy little report and makes the home page a lot more interesting now. This was all Dan's code, so thanks go to him.

There are also a few other small fixes.

I know that updates to my projects have slowed down a bit. That is because I am working on a new project that will take a few months to complete. I'm going to try to get small updates like this out every week though so my applications don't get too stale. As always, I'll remind folks of my wish list (hey, the purchased items list is blank now! ;) since, well, I like to do that.