I've released an update to Soundings today. Soundings is my ColdFusion survey application. It lets you create surveys and gather results. You can generate reports on these surveys as well.

The update has more bug fixes on the tableprefix feature. Nathan, I hope your happy. ;) I want to give big thanks to Ryan Heldt. He sent me a nice list of the tableprefix bugs along with actual line numbers. This made it super easy to update the code base.

So why did I update the version number? I actually added a feature. A request came in a week or so ago that made such perfect sense I'm not sure why I never had it in the first place. You can now clear the results of a survey. This lets you build the survey, test it, and then clear the results before going live.

As always, you can download the code from the project page.

p.s. Hey Scott, look, I didn't mention my wishlist once! Oops...