BlogCFC 3.9 Released / BlogCFC 4.0 Specs

BlogCFC 3.9 is now formally released. There were a few small changes since the beta. Here is the list of features, with changes at the end:

  • Category Editor RSS 2.0 support, stolen from Steven Erat (thanks!)
  • Pod Casting support. Cast those pods, baby!
  • Additional use of TITLE in the blog pages (stats, etc)
  • The admin "menu" bar now lives in the main layout.
  • Bug fixed in search pod.
  • New: RSS 2.0 category bug fixed. Thanks to Roger B.
  • New: A bug, a very old bug, existed in the RSS generation. I forgot to xmlFormat some of the meta tags. I'm really surprised this didn't come up sooner.
  • Warning: The Spanish locale is not yet updated. Steven Erat dared to take a vacation and he will be punished when he returns. (Joking, Steve. :) </ul> As usual, you can download it from the Tools pod on the right, or right here. So what's planned for 4.0? Here is my list of required items for shipping:
    • Trackbacks.
    • Hour offset. Your live in CST. Your blog lives in EST. Let's get them together, shall we?
    • Code clean up: Mainly just slimming down blog.cfc and breaking it up a bit. Zero impact on readers or users, but will help my sanity when doing code editing.
    • New colored code. A user submitted a new version of the colored code custom tag, which is quite old. I also want to play with the CSS a bit so it uses scroll bars.
    • Potential rewrite of code generated to make it XHTML compliant.
    • Potential use of Aura. </ul>
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