Recently, a commenter on another blog mentioned that one of the things they missed from Dreamweaver is the ability to do a search and then export the results. I didn't even know DW had this and it does sound rather useful!

In case you're curious, here is an example. I searched my test directory for cfqueryparam. In the results panel is a simple button you can click to export the results.

The export goes to an XML file. It is a bit verbose, but you could probably import this into an Excel file. (Although I just tried and Excel on the Mac doesn't seem to have the ability to do it. Maybe I'm just missing it.) Any way - as the user no longer wants to use DW since he is a ColdFusion developer, he wasn't happy with this particular feature not being in ColdFusion Builder.

I did a quick search and was able to find an Eclipse plugin that has similar functionality: Search CSV Export. As the name says, it lets you export search results into CSV content. (Which, by the way, should be easier to work with in Excel than that XML data from DW.) I quickly added the plugin and confirmed it works great. Here is an example:

The change wasn't immediately obvious (hence me adding a big arrow to the screen shot), but once clicked, you get the ability to save it as a new CSV file.

I apologize if that screen shot is a bit too hard to read. Basically the report includes the project, path (based on Project name), location (real file path), line number, the text before and after, and the match.