Adobe is hosting two upcoming "Test the Web Forward" hackathons. The first will be in Beijing (October 20-21) and the second in Paris (October 26-27). What exactly is a "Test the Web Forward" event?

Test the Web Forward brings you closer to the very specifications that you use to craft web experiences and has you discover how you can shape the future of the web.

Over the course of the event, not only will you learn to understand how to read specifications and understand the state of support among different browsers, but you will also create robust tests along with the editors of various standards to ensure browsers implement these features consistently. At the end of it, you will gain a deeper understanding of browser internals & how you can write clear, robust tests.

We do expect you to be capable of hand-coding in HTML, CSS, & JavaScript, but there will be experts from Adobe, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera, the W3C, as well as independent developers to guide you step-by-step to create tests that can help move the web forward. Food, drinks & music will be provided.

As a side note, there is also a Brackets Hackathon going on tomorrow in London. You don't have much time to register, but there are still seats (free seats of course) available.