So I'm a good day behind on this, but I'm curious as to what people think of the New Atlanta announcement:

New Atlanta announces free open source BlueDragon edition

I haven't found any official Adobe reaction, although Damon gave his opinion, and I really liked Sean's post on the matter as well.

Personally I'm not quite sure what to think. A free alternative is always nice as it is useful argument against the idiots who think that software cost is the only thing that matters (sorry for the idiot term, but it really bugs me, these people tend to think that development time must be next to nothing if all they can focus on is the cost of the software), but as Sean posted, the Smith Project (another free, open source alternative) hasn't gotten much press.

I'm also a bit unsure about how much good open sourcing the server does. I mean, I'm obviously pro-OS, as I've released a few applications as open source, but the amount of people who submit back code modifications is far smaller than the people who use the products. How many PHP developers contribute back patches to the server?

Any one planning on switching to BlueDragon? Any one out there actually using Smith now?