So here are my notes from the keynote. The wireless wasn't working, so I this is a bit delayed. Forgive the grammar/spelling/etc, as I was taking notes quickly. (Although I saw Rob Brooks-Bilson taking a lot more notes, so check his entry.)

Keynote began with the Macromedia Dating service. Yes, dating service. But it was enacted by Tim Buntel, who seems to need a second career in comedy.

Jen Taylor is now demonstrating how to embed video in Dreamweaver 8. She also shows off code collapse in DM8. (Nice, but I've had that for years now in HomeSite. ;)

Steve Kilisky and Mike Downey are now on stage. They are demoing After Effects Pro, which I've never seen before so I can't really comment on it. He is showing a lot of cool effects. You can export to Flash Video. Flash Video seems to be today's theme. Mike Downey is now discussing using Flash Video in Flash Pro 8.

Jeremy Allaire is now on stage talking about BrightCove, which is working on an Internet TV service. They provide distrubtion services, including publishing, affiliate, and consu,er services. On top of this is a monetization set of services, with advertising, pay media, and syndication. Showing the BC service now, written in Flex. He is showing off the service that video producers can make, and darn is it nice. You can do a lot of work to build a player for your video and end up with a nice set of HTML yo ucan simply dump ion a html video. Video isn't really my area, but this really looks powerful.

Ben Forta is now on screen (pre-recorded video) to talk about Scorpio (new ColdFusion). Well, he was on for a grand total of 2 minutes, so no real details revealed. Now they are doing CF success stories. Showing Aidmatrix, a CF app that helps link up donors and organizations that provide relief.

Tom Hale is now on stage talking about Breeze. Showing how a Japanese company modified Breeze to aid in training. Room Extensions is a new feature in Breeze in beta. close captioning in real time (done by human) allows deaf customers to participate. SyncSWF API. Demo is a magnetic poetry demo. All 3 people can drag the words around.

The next section concerned mobile devices. I'm a big believer in the mobile space, but doesn't it seem like every year we here folks say, "It's in Japan. It's in Europe. And it will be here in the US. Soon! Really!"

And with that I had to run out...