As yet another followup to my blog entry on CFTHREAD, a user asked about how to present a 'Please stand by' type message while the threads were running. This is fairly trivial with JavaScript and CFFLUSH:

<cfset threadlist = ""> <cfloop index="x" from="1" to="5"> <cfset name = "find more cowbell #x#"> <cfset threadlist = listAppend(threadlist, name)> <cfthread name="#name#"> <cfset sleep(3000)> <cflog file="tdemo" text="All done with, baby."> </cfthread> </cfloop>

<cfoutput> <span id="loader"> #repeatString(" ",250)# Please stand by... </span> </cfoutput> <cfflush>

<cfthread action="join" name="#threadlist#" /> <script> document.getElementById('loader').innerHTML = '' </script>

<cfdump var="#cfthread#">

This is a slightly modified version of my previous code entry. Notice that I've added a span called loader with a bit of HTML. (The white space in front is to ensure IE renders the text.) After the cfthread/join action, I then use a bit more JavaScript to get rid of the loader. That's it. I'd normally use jQuery and some fancy loading graphic (like a unicorn, a magical unicorn), but hopefully you get the idea.