This is a very important message that all ColdFusion developers need to read. Maybe you didn't know this - but ColdFusion can crash under load! This was certainly news to me. A blogger, maniacalrage, describes just such a situation here.

Now listen closely as this is very important. Apparently, he went to a ColdFusion site. The ColdFusion site crashed. Therefore, ColdFusion can't handle load.

Wow.... can you believe it? I know I was certainly surprised.

Ok - so I'm being sarcastic. I just can't believe the audacity of such a post. One broken ColdFusion site means the entire technology is broken. I guess the blogger has never seen any other site in an inoperative state. I guess the numerous sites out there running ColdFusion under heavy load are simply faking it.

Or maybe... and just maybe... and this is crazy so just go with me for a second... but maybe the site wasn't written properly? I mean, lord forbid a developer have to actually put some thought into his code to make it run well under load. Or even modify a server setting.

Ok... I'll calm down now. Rant (and sarcasm) mode officially off.