We are looking for reliable, efficient ColdFusion developers to help us with multiple projects. The ideal candidate will have 2+ years experience developing in ColdFusion, specifically ColdFusion MX. The projects involve implementation of our content management system, Mindseye Element, as well as custom code written specifically to the client's requirements. You must be comfortable with creating and using CFML-based custom tags in order to modularize your code, writing efficient SQL and interacting with the database layer, thinking in terms of object-oriented systems, and creating cross-browser HTML and JavaScript. Experience with Spectra or other content management systems is a definite plus. Please send your resume, compensation requirements, and descriptions of relevant experience to hr@mindseye.com. First consideration goes to applicants who go to http://www.mindseye.com/cfsuperhero.cfm and follow the instructions there.

For this job we prefer folks who are in Boston, but it is not a requirement. Please state however if you are in Boston or are willing to move to Boston.

More notes - this is for a Senior level developer. No newbies please. We would also consider folks who would work in a full-time temporary position (ie, long term contract).