Ugh. Once again a cool SciFi show is being canceled - Jericho. Jericho was just getting really good and now it is simply going to end. I've had enough of this. I can understand the show being canceled if it didn't get the viewership, but the Geek in me demands answers. So what we need is an "Exit Interview" for the show creators. What were the planning on doing next season? Was there any secrets they never got around to revealing? Was China going to make any moves on the US? Etc.

We can make this happen. I mean, hard how can it be? We just need to:

Find out who the writers/producers are.
Call their agents and just ask!

I'm sure they wouldn't mind answering those questions, right? It's entirely possible that they had not mapped out season 2, but they can tell us something about the show that had not been revealed yet.

So I'm a big fat nobody - but my readership as a whole is pretty big. Lets make this happen. We (and by we I mean the blog and my readers) may not be Ain't It Cool News but I still bet we can do this.