For a week or so now I've been talking about my plans to create a web site in Node and Express. I finally decided to pull the trigger and upgrade my AppFog account. I'm now running with a real domain and am really (honest!) ready for submissions. As I stated originally, my goal here is to create a site that shares a set of common problems (and solutions!) that folks run into with JavaScript. Yes, there is Stackoverflow. I use it myself. But I wanted a site that would be more of a directory. Something more focused and easy to search. Hell, maybe it won't take off. If I don't get any submissions than I'll still use it myself. But I hope folks can find some use in it - and even better - help contribute.

One of my biggest concerns with client-side development lately is that there seems to be a wealth of information for beginners - some more information for experts - but not a lot in the middle. Folks who know JavaScript but need help in using it better.

I hope this site can be some help in that regard.

Finally, if you want to check out the code behind the site (and feel free to critique it, I'm new to Node), you can find it on GitHub here:

p.s. Anyone want to come up with a nice favicon? I can pay you with unicorns and magic!