Ok, time for a mini-rant: I've seen multiple posts lately about Macromedia and their lack of support for ColdFusion Studio. Maybe it's a marketing mistake by Macromedia, but it seems like people have a blind spot for HomeSite+. It has been over a year now (I believe) and people still don't get that the product was simply renamed and packaged with Dreamweaver. It even comes at a cheaper price. And yet people complain.

Case in point - this morning on cf-talk I read a post where someone wondered what Macromedia would do since they had two editors. The poster obviously felt Macromedia was planning on simply removing HS+ at a later time. While that certainly can happen, is it really fair when they just released a new version of HS+ a few weeks back? Come on, folks, at least wait till the dust settles on the last version before predicting it's death.

Another example - I read a blog entry by someone who wondered if they should start using Eclipse (which is a darn fine IDE by the way). They asked if there was any point in bitching and moaning to Macromedia about ColdFusion Studio. The poster said he liked HS+, but was wanting his ColdFusion Studio, an IDE tailored for CF folks. I'm not sure what to make of this since HS+ is CFS. It's like people see the word HomeSite in their program's application title bar and simply can't deal with it.

Folks, I'm not saying that Macromedia keep HS+ around forever. Nor am I saying I don't think Macromedia shouldn't sell HS+ by itself. But do not think that Macromedia has just given up on their CFS users. HomeSite+ is as wonderful as CFS ever was, and is even better for all the code improvements and new features in 5.5.

Ok, sorry for the rant. Maybe Macromedia should hire me part-time as the HS+ evangelist. ;)