Tonight I added a big new feature to - email subscriptions. You can now register for the site and subscribe to:

  • A daily email that contains every entry added during the day, up to 100.
  • A daily email of the top 10 entries based on clicks.

Now if you miss a day you can get an email report of all the blog entries that were aggregated. Or if you just want to see what was "hot" - you can see the most popular entries.

This is just the initial feature. Next will be a custom keyword search. This will be checked once an hour for blog entries that match your keywords. You will be able to create any number of keyword alerts.

So that's the front end. Tomorrow I'll blog a bit about the code behind it, specifically the tabs and forms, as I think they work well but it took a little bit of work to get it just right. As an FYI, the file was not updated yet.