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Here is a little feature I don't see folks use too often, and it wasn't actually working right for Solr in ColdFusion 9.0 (but corrected in 9.0.1), but did you know that it was possible to perform a search within the results of a previous search using ColdFusion's Solr integration? (Technically this is also possible with Verity, but it's best we ignore this as it doesn't have much a life expectancy anymore in ColdFusion.)

In simplest terms, providing previousCriteria to the cfsearch tag will perform a "search within a search", so if searching for food, for example, returned 100 results out a possible 1000, doing a second search for beer and using previousCriteria="food" will return a number smaller.

Here is an incredibly simple example:

<cfsearch collection="cfdocs" criteria="cfsearch" name="results"> <cfoutput>Search for coldfusion: Returned #results.recordCount# results.<p/></cfoutput>

<cfsearch collection="cfdocs" criteria="solr" previouscriteria="cfsearch" name="results"> <cfoutput>Search for cffeed within coldfusion: Returned #results.recordCount# results.<p/></cfoutput>

<cfsearch collection="cfdocs" criteria="solr" name="results"> <cfoutput>Search for cffeed by itself: Returned #results.recordCount# results.<p/></cfoutput>

In this example my initial search is for cfsearch itself (I'm searching the ColdFusion docs so hopefully that makes sense). I then search for solr and provide cfsearch as the previousCriteria. As a final test, I search for solr by itself. My results were:

Search for coldfusion: Returned 39 results.
Search for cffeed within coldfusion: Returned 7 results.
Search for cffeed by itself: Returned 24 results.

Nice little feature, and interesting to use, but it seems like something you don't encounter in the wild too much. I wonder if it confuses users too much? Either way - hope this little tidbit helps.

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