Presenting on Harp.js next week

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Next week I'll be giving a presentation on HarpJS (and the Harp platform). For folks who just so happen to be in Louisiana, the first presentation will be Tuesday night at the Acadiana Adobe User Group (details here: Meeting).

Of course, I assume most of my readership is not in the beautiful state of Louisiana, so for the rest of y'all, I'm going to make true on my promise to give Google Hangouts a try. I'll be hosting my first Hangout as a presentation so expect some bumps, but I think it will go ok. I've included a link to the details below. It will be held next Friday, February 21, at 12PM CST.

Google+ Event

Edited Feb 14: Just an FYI, I modified the event link. If you signed up at the other one, please try this new link.

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