I'm proud to announce the release of the ColdFusion UPS Package. This package will serve as a simple to use interface to the UPS services. Today the service includes address verification and shipment tracking.

Shipment tracking returns a lot of information. No, seriously, it returns everything you can imagine about a shipment. The API returns a pretty big struct, but it does make it easy to get the information at least. Here is an example:

<cfset st = createObject("component", "org.camden.ups.shipmenttracking").init(application.key, application.username, application.password)>

<cfset results = st.getTrackingInformation('1Z12345E0291980793')> <cfdump var="#results#">

The package is 100% free and open source, so start hacking away at it and let me know if you find any bugs. (Please use the bug tracker at the RIAForge project.) As always - if you like it, visit my wishlist. (The poor thing has nothing purchased currently - so that can't be good!)

The next service I'll hit is the services and rates API.