This weekend Todd Sharp and I worked up some modifications to the Aggregator CFC I released last week. The CFC has been updated with the following changes:

  • Now every result in the query will contain feed title and feed descriptions. This will mean a bit of duplicate data, but with multiple feeds it is darn useful.
  • Added a utility function, opmlToFeedArray. This converts an OPML listing into an array (that can then be passed to Aggregate)
  • Search now is case insensitive. There is an optional third argument to make it case sensitive.
  • Based on recommendations from other, I no longer use createUUID() to name my threads. Did you know that you could only do 64 createUUIDs per second? I had heard that a while ago but had forgotten it. I now use the Request scope. ColdFusion 8 supports a new scope in CFLOCK - Request.

And I've got it hosted up at RIAForge:


Yes, Paragator is the project name. That was developed with the combined intelligence of folks on IM and IRC, so you know it must be a good idea.

Oh - and how fast is ColdFusion 8? In Todd's test script, he was searching all of MXNA's ColdFusion feeds. This CFC can aggregate 330 RSS feeds in... 45 seconds. Dang. That's fast.