So while the following concerns my apps, I think it is more relevant as a sign that ColdFusion open source projects can be very successful out there in the wild. When I asked BlogCFC users to list themselves, I got over 100 responses and I felt pretty good about it. Until I got this email:

Our new site uses Galleon and BlogCFC extensively. We currently have more that 100,000 instances of BlogCFC, and 20,000+ instances of Galleon running. Obviously, your code has been adapted to fit our purposes, but at the end of the day they’re still pretty much the same animal. The site was built using the Mach-II framework, and currently runs on CFMX 7. It is largely a work in progress, but you can take a look at the application of your code at

Thanks again. Knowing that your applications were available gave me the extra push that I needed to get going on this project.

From 100+ to 100K is pretty darn good and I'm proud my applications could help. Again though - what is stuck in my mind is the constant complaints I've heard from some people that there just isn't enough CF open source out there. Hopefully with wins like this, and project's like Brian's Open Source ColdFusion List, we can change how people feel about ColdFusion and open source.

If I may ramble a bit more, recently on cf-talk there was a lot of discussion about ColdFusion forums software. I recommended Galleon, but a lot of people pointed out that they wanted a more proper phpBB clone. I know there is a developer out here reading this who can do this and probably beat the pants off of Galleon. That would be awesome. Shoot, a lot of what is going into the next rev of BlogCFC is a reflection of how cool I thought the newest BlogFusion was going to be. (Remember Jake, Microsoft said it's "innovation", not "copying." ;)

You do not need to be a ColdFusion master to create a cool program that can benefit the community. Let's see if we can make 2006 the year where Brian's list grows twice as a long.