Code to Avoid: cfoutput over a query with one row

I've seen this a few times in the past, but I just ran into it so I thought I'd share my feelings on it.

If you have a query that contains one row that you are using for an edit form, you should not do:

<cfoutput query="getDetail">

While your page will work just fine, it simply isn't the proper user of the tag. (And before I go on - I'll note that this is my opinion only.) When you tie a query to a cfoutput tag, you are telling ColdFusion to iterate over each item of the query.

If your intent is to work a single database record (again, think of an edit form), then don't use what is - essentially - a looping construct.

As it stands, for a developer just entering the project (like me!), you can cause confusion over what the template is actually meant to do.

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