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Earlier today Yahoo and Google announced their collaboration on Sitemaps provide a way to describe to a search engine what pages make up your web site. I've had sitemap support in BlogCFC for a while, but today I wrote a little UDF you can use to generate sitemap xml. It will take either a list of URLs or a query of URLs. Enjoy. I'll post it to CFLib later in the week.

<cffunction name="generateSiteMap" output="false" returnType="xml"> <cfargument name="data" type="any" required="true"> <cfargument name="lastmod" type="date" required="false"> <cfargument name="changefreq" type="string" required="false"> <cfargument name="priority" type="numeric" required="false">
&lt;cfset var header = "&lt;?xml version=""1.0"" encoding=""UTF-8""?&gt;&lt;urlset xmlns=""""&gt;"&gt;
&lt;cfset var result = header&gt;
&lt;cfset var aurl = ""&gt;
&lt;cfset var item = ""&gt;
&lt;cfset var validChangeFreq = "always,hourly,daily,weekly,monthly,yearly,never"&gt;
&lt;cfset var newDate = ""&gt;
&lt;cfset var tz = getTimeZoneInfo().utcHourOffset&gt;

&lt;cfif structKeyExists(arguments, "changefreq") and not listFindNoCase(validChangeFreq, arguments.changefreq)&gt;
	&lt;cfthrow message="Invalid changefreq (#arguments.changefreq#) passed. Valid values are #validChangeFreq#"&gt;

&lt;cfif structKeyExists(arguments, "priority") and (arguments.priority lt 0 or arguments.priority gt 1)&gt;
	&lt;cfthrow message="Invalid priority (#arguments.priority#) passed. Must be between 0.0 and 1.0"&gt;

&lt;!--- reformat datetime as w3c datetime / ---&gt;
&lt;cfif structKeyExists(arguments, "lastmod")&gt;			
	&lt;cfset newDate = dateFormat(arguments.lastmod, "YYYY-MM-DD") & "T" & timeFormat(arguments.lastmod, "HH:mm")&gt;
	&lt;cfif tz gte 0&gt;
		&lt;cfset newDate = newDate & "-" & tz & ":00"&gt;
		&lt;cfset newDate = newDate & "+" & tz & ":00"&gt;

&lt;!--- Support either a query or list of URLs ---&gt;
&lt;cfif isSimpleValue(;
	&lt;cfloop index="aurl" list=""&gt;
		&lt;cfsavecontent variable="item"&gt;

<cfoutput> <url> <loc>#xmlFormat(aurl)#</loc> <cfif structKeyExists(arguments,"lastmod")> <lastmod>#newDate#</lastmod> </cfif> <cfif structKeyExists(arguments,"changefreq")> <changefreq>#arguments.changefreq#</changefreq> </cfif> <cfif structKeyExists(arguments,"priority")> <priority>#arguments.priority#</priority> </cfif> </url> </cfoutput> </cfsavecontent> <cfset item = trim(item)> <cfset result = result & item> </cfloop>

&lt;cfelseif isQuery(;
	&lt;cfloop query=""&gt;
		&lt;cfsavecontent variable="item"&gt;

<cfoutput> <url> <loc>#xmlFormat(url)#</loc> <cfif listFindNoCase(,"lastmod")> <cfset newDate = dateFormat(lastmod, "YYYY-MM-DD") & "T" & timeFormat(lastmod, "HH:mm")> <cfif tz gte 0> <cfset newDate = newDate & "-" & tz & ":00"> <cfelse> <cfset newDate = newDate & "+" & tz & ":00"> </cfif> <lastmod>#newDate#</lastmod> </cfif> <cfif listFindNoCase(,"changefreq")> <changefreq>#changefreq#</changefreq> </cfif> <cfif listFindNoCase(,"priority")> <priority>#priority#</priority> </cfif> </url> </cfoutput> </cfsavecontent> <cfset item = trim(item)> <cfset result = result & item>


&lt;cfset result = result & "&lt;/urlset&gt;"&gt;

&lt;cfreturn result&gt;


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