Cookbook/Blog Updates

Just some quick updates. I’m working on adding a download link that includes comments for the ColdFusion Cookbook. This should be up tonight. I’m also going to try to get one entry approved per day. (Released one this morning.) My next feature will be the “Signup” so you can get an email when an entry is released. Like my blog, it will just send an entry once. So it’s possible a later re-edit may change things a bit. I may send only a portion of the entry to entice you to actually view the site since my wishlist hasn’t gotten much love lately. ;)

Lastly - I fixed a problem that was just plain stupid of me. There was no simple way to email me from the blog. I’ve added my email address (although escaped to block spammers) under the Ask a Jedi pod to the right. It is just plain stupid to not have a way to contact a blog owner.

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