I just wanted to share a few things that are in my mind today. Nothing deep or meaningful - just - well - stuff. I remember everything about 9/11, and it often occurred to me since then if this is just like my parent's generation and Kennedy. They always said they remembered what they were doing when he was shot.

I still remember the Today show breaking in when the first plane hit. I had assumed it was a Cessna or some other small plane, and while I had thought it might have been an attack of some kind, I certainly didn't imagine what was really going on. (And by "attack" I mean more like a suicide attempt or an angry lover - again - I was thinking of a small plane.) When the second plane hit - everything seemed to go downhill and I remember being almost physically ill at that point. I still remember the newscasters saying there may be multiple more planes attacking, and when the next 2 planes hit/crashed, I could believe there would be even more.

Every second of that seems like something I'll never forget - and I wasn't even close to New York. Being in a military town though the change was pretty evident. Our skies were probably not as empty as most as there were quite a few military planes around.

One of the more sad, although almost funny moments came a few weeks after when someone made a snide remark to my wife and son. Why? My son is Korean and apparently the store clerk thought Koreans were involved with the terrorists. (News to me.)

I guess the main thing that I wonder about is - are we a better country now? We have certainly rocked up the security quite a bit - but I don't think we have come to terms with how realistic or effective these changes are. I mean - did we really think terrorists would attack with nail clippers? Seriously? And while I don't want to start a huge civil liberties thread (I think people know my view), I think folks on both sides can say there have been some serious changes lately and we are not doing enough talking about it. Now is the time to do it - before another attack comes.

I am not convinced we have the done the best thing - but I'll be honest enough to admit I'm not smart enough to say what the best track would have been. But I can say it is almost impossible to have a good discussion anymore, especially with one side in particular attacking your patriotism if you dare to question the current administration. (Oh wait, I'm not supposed to turn this into a rant, I'll stop.)

Anyway - please forgive this rambling post. For those who lost love ones on 9/11, please accept my sympathy and prayers. That is perhaps the only thing left we as a country can agree on. (Well, everyone but Ann Coulter.)