I don't post many political entries here, but my readers know I'm not exactly a fan of Bush and Cheney. However, am I the only one sick to death of what I'll call "Hunting-Gate"? Today the big deal (at least on NBC's Today show, not exactly the best source of hard hitting news) concerned the fact that Cheney had been forthcoming with news on the accident, and has not spoken to the "people." Well, as one representative of the "people", I can say I don't care. It was an accident. Watching the press try to turn this into a major scandal is simply ridiculous. Cheney does not need to make any kind of public statement. He has already spoken to the poor guy he shot and that should be the end of it. I've also heard he didn't have a proper hunting license. Well, give the man a fine and move on. If the RNC pays for it, who cares.

I think any person who thinks like I do about this administration can come up with about 10 other topics that are greatly more important. I think the most ardent Bush supporter could do the same.

p.s. Why does it seem like every picture of Cheney shows the man scowling, or generally looking like a storm trooper for the Empire? The man can't be that evil. I say we start a Flickr site and collect some nice photos of him!